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Plants for Sale 9/13/23

So the website payments are down, and I intend to keep them down…this site is more like a blog and can see what is happening with the collection. But I’m still selling trees and seeds on the Fruit Forum and elsewhere. If you’re interested in anything here, send me a pm on the forum, email me, or text me. 

Up for grabs right now is a rooted scarlet cutting. Ready to flower within a year.

$100 + Shipping

New seeds 9/18/23

Manilkara kakui ($4)

Garcinia forbesii ($6)

Garcinia parvifolia ($6)

Garcinia mangostana ($5)

Bulk discount available. Minimum order 3 seeds a species. 

Shipping is $6

Just send me an email or pm or text or pager or telegram or messenger to place your order. That’s it!


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Ryan JO
Rare fruit grower

If plants were money, I would be rich


Ryan does a bad job, so I have to step in and tell him what to do. He can’t even graft jabos for his life.

Waiting to put review here lol

Kirstin Everton / Apple

Will add review here soon

Jack Johnson / Google

Same will be updated really soon

Kimberly Mason / Uber

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