Visit to Baker Creek Seed Company

An Expedition to the Wonderful Place of Baker Creek Seed Company in Ohio – wait no, it’s in Missouri.

Hey guys, long time since I was able to update the blog. With school and other things in my life, this blog was put on the back burner. But now, with a break cause of spring, I’m feeling good and there are many new things to write about. This one blog will be about the epic adventures here.

How Did We Get Here?

My friend oatmeal and his family decided to take a road trip to Baker Creek Seeds. I was shocked as none of them like to garden. But turns out they weren’t joking. They asked me to tag along since I’m the plant guy. It’s funny cause everyone I know expects me to know everything about plants just because I grow them. So I ended up going. It was a really cool trip and we visited many places I would have never thought of like the birthplace of Walmart, the Bass Pro HQ, Uranus Fudge Factory, and the George Washington Carver National Monument – something really inspirational. While these were all cool, the highlight was the Baker Creek Seeds.

Part of the whole plethora of seeds at Baker Creek

Baker Creek Tropicals

In addition to the rare heirloom vegetable seeds, Baker Creek has many greenhouses. Unfortunately, their collection’s diversity was as small as the fishes oatmeal catches. Aside from the wide range of citrus they had, all they had was some dead mangoes, a couple peanut butter fruits, some avocados, some annonas, and several guavas. Like why? Everytime I eat guavas I have to call my dentist. I see no point in collecting these jaw breakers. Although I admit I have a few psidiums like longipetiolatum, eugeniafolia (myrtoides) and sartorianum. 

It was a little disappointing with the tropicals as they had such a large space to grow many trees. After doing some searching, I found out that they sourced many of the tropicals from TopTropicals. If you are a decent collector, you’ll know my reaction. Still, it was amazing to see the variety of citrus they had. It made me almost want to grow citrus in my greenhouse. Almost. But I’m sorry, mangoes are better. They had a diamond and an angie, but it looked like winter farted on them. All dead. Mine, on the other hand, are doing super well. I hope to see some fruit this year. 

Lolita pitanga from TT at Baker Creek

What about the seeds you say? Yes, that is the main part. This is what they are known for. I ended up getting several types of watermelons such as orangelo, yellow, desert king, and many others. Also worthy of mention were the red brussel sprouts, the red cucumber, and some blue tomatoes. At the end, I spent a little over $100. My friend’s family spent over $200. The seeds here are cheap as compared to the tropical ones I’m used to buying. Like so cheap I thought I was in a dream. Unfortunately, these are not plinia raras or even a rare eugenia either. But I’m content growing these in my garden so my family can enjoy. 

Before I close this blog, I want to cover a bit about the story behind how Baker Creek Seeds was established. Basically the guy who founded the multi-million dollar business started it when he was 17. He had a passion for gardening and ended up turning it into a seed business. Crazy. I’m 17 and what have I done? 


I was inspired by the greenhouses at Baker Creek. I’m now planning to make another one for yangmei. Aside from initial cost, it shouldn’t cost much to heat. Only problem is there is not enough room in the backyard. 

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