Spring 2023 Update – What’s Happening at Graftatree, Future Plans, and More!

Wow, what a year it has been! With school finished for this year, there is no better time to write this blog…I’ll be honest, I’ve put off writing this one for so long. I’m sorry. You deserve better. Well anyway, thanks for taking a look. In this article, I’ll cover the current status of Graftatree, what our future plans are, and what cool stuff is happening in the garden this spring. 

Graftatree Current Status

If you didn’t know already, Graftatree is run by Cole and I (Jaboticaba45). We have been working on getting some cool stuff up. Right now, we’re kinda in this waiting position for things to start moving (all there is for sale is yangmei, grafting clip, and oblongata seeds). And it’s been that way for some time now. We promise there will be some epic things happening in the future. 

Future Plans

We have several plans we want to accomplish this summer. First off, we strive to bring rare tropical fruit seeds to the market. We are focusing on bringing in underutilized seeds that are hard to find on the current markets. So, we are not going to be importing much eugenias, pouterias, and plinias for the matter. There are plenty of places that do an extremely great job of doing that (there are a few plinias that have been left out though and we will be trying to get them in). Instead, we are trying to focus on other seeds to further diversify the current seed market in the US. I can’t state yet what we have coming in, but we are extremely excited.

In addition to this, we are going to make merch for ourselves and for the community. More on that later. We’ve partnered up with several growers and each will have their own select line of merch with us as a collab. 

Lastly, there are many other plans we have, but at this date, we are not able to disclose what they are due to the nature of things. 

What on earth is growing at my place?

Now it’s time for the fun part – to see what is growing now that it’s spring. On the left you can see some of the mangoes my NDM-4 has set. I’m very pleased with all my mango trees this year. Every single one has flowered – even the tiny runt pickering in a one gallon. This year, I am expecting a decent crop from the NDM and mallika.

If you don’t know, I love mangoes. Not only do they taste good, but they can easily be fruited in my greenhouse. Today I was lucky enough to remember that Tropical Acres Farm’s deadline for custom grafts was today. I was able to get in a request for Ah Ping and Cecilove. Cecilove is one of my favorite mangoes. Such a great taste. 

I also was fortunate to spot the first flower on my red jaboticaba (not pictured). This really means a lot to me as I have over 50+ varieties now and not a single one has fruited. I’m not sure if I like collecting jaboticabas because of the fruit, or because of the diversity. It’s mostly a mix. 

Speaking of jaboticabas, check out this beautiful flush on the malacachetta. 

In addition to the jabos and mangos going ham, basically everything else has responded in new growth now that it is spring. The yangmei have been doing great. Unfortunately, I lost several due to different reasons in the last couple of months. Luckily, I learned more information from those events. I can’t say how happy I am when I repot them and see the beautiful clean roots. 

And that’s about it for now! I hope to publish a weekly blog now that I have more time. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out!  

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