We’re UP and Running!

Well folks, we did it. Hours of time spent to create the product, website, and blog. I can’t belive it’s working! A huge shoutout to Cole! Without him, this website and product would have never happened. Cole is responsible for producing and designing the grafting clips and he has his own 3D printing business specializing in movie props! Check him out – http://etsy.com/shop/r3D2Studio

I’ll be mostly in charge of the plant stuff and whatever plants and plant products are for sale. I’m super excited for the grafting clip and sent it out to some experts for a honest review. 

I plan on making a blog post around 1-2 times a month documenting what stuff is going on about my collection. It’ll document new additions, propagation, and trips to FL. This blog is going to be pretty chill.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out via our contact page. 


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