About Us


Establish a tool to help increase grafting success.

Protect Every Graft!


Our Goals

Bring new products and plants to the market that help collectors and growers of tropical, subtropical, and temperate fruit trees.

The Company

Graftatree, est. Jan/11/23 is a highschool owned company run by two enterprising high school juniors, Cole and Ryan.

About us

Two friends had an idea to change the process of grafting as you now know it. The friends came together to team up and combine their strengths. Cole and his business knowledge, and Ryan and his plant knowledge. Together they designed and produced a product to bring to the plant community. 

Meet the Dream Team

Cole Bonawitz
Business relations manager + CEO

I run a 3D printing business. Check out my store – http://esty.com/shop/r3D2Studio. I specialize in movie props. I’m also responsible for designing and manufacturing the grafting clips.

Ryan Jo
The Plant grower +Co-CeO

I grow tropical fruits and many of you know me as Jaboticaba45 on the Tropical Fruit Forum. I run a small nursery that specializes in yangmei and other tropical fruits including jaboticabas and many more.

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